What have I been doing living without Internet?

Sleeping and looking hilarious??

NO, NO, NO! Can't you see how tired I am? I have been working on my assignments and teaching Chinese in two schools since then.

I can't deny that I am sort of cranky now cos my stupid landlady hasn't sorted the Internet problem and I can't even keep my diary online!


I have to be patient enough to wait, wait, and wait. Let's just take a nap, chill and wait for my July birthday getaway.....

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  • 克里斯。李
  • CUTE
  • fishwho
  • <p>haven't heard from you ......<br />
    good to know you're doing okay</p><p>take good care</p>
  • Tanja
  • 哈~你真的是超可愛的啦~~ 來給你親一個~~ 啵
  • 稻柏臨
  • Thought you are leaving yourself some space on purposely...
  • 小龍包
  • <p>真是可愛的狗狗! 希望妳的 internet 問題能早日解決!</p><p>預祝你生日快樂喔~</p>
  • 麻吉。波特蘭。
  • <p>haha...you love pink kitty??</p><p>she looks so upset...</p>
  • Baby Doll
  • <p>哈 你下次再有網路問題 就來我家泡茶寫日記ㄅㄚ~~</p>
  • 舊金山金芭莉
  • <p>吼,倫敦</p><p>妳以前紐約同鄉的怎麼這麼歹毒啦,說白狗傳.....<img src="http://city.udn.com/htmlarea/emoticons/015.gif" /></p><p>人家白拋拋好口愛咧:))))) </p>

    <font style=width:100%;filter:glow(color=#EEBBEE,strength=50)><center>活在當下,精采生活</center></font>
  • 端午節時 白娘娘會變成白蛇<br>

    還沒到端午節 火星人就變成小白犬了???