I live here where it is filled with green and peace. The chilly winter might freez the world but I am sure when comes to spring, the green will be alive and my heart will be lighten.

My dear Taiwan folks, where do you live?

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  • fishwho
  • sfo

    i live in san francisco, where the coldest summer is. the lawn gets green in winter and dries in spring. the wind is always chill and the sun shines at noon. i miss taiwan but i love living here, to my freedom to my pride.
  • how wonderful ah, you are blessed to live in that free land

    3B Pencil 於 2010/07/14 16:49 回覆

  • Beaver
  • WhERE i LiVe......

    Well, what happen to all the SNOW ,Yeah?
    Where I love, it is HOT and Humid right now. And.......... You better know where I love. :)
    I am going out to DEVOUR a BIG BOWL of SHAVED ICE.
  • Just happened to like this photo lah.
    I def. love the place you are loving and living now since it's my motherland ah. As the shaved ice, I am drooling...

    3B Pencil 於 2010/07/14 16:52 回覆

  • Daju
  • I live in Columbia Maryland, I am sure I'll see a lot snow this year. This picture is really nice one.
  • aiyaya, enjoy the snow and new home

    3B Pencil 於 2010/07/18 18:31 回覆

  • 雪立
  • I live in a small rural town in Massachusetts, where we have 6-month of winter, and need to take a lot of vitamin D......
  • 6 monthes of snow? Apart from Vitamin D, I'd need a tanning room, lol

    3B Pencil 於 2010/07/18 18:34 回覆

  • finlee
  • 西雅圖的氣候
  • 我只在西雅圖待了短短四五天
    有更多的優點在等著妳去挖掘 :)

    3B Pencil 於 2010/07/30 18:41 回覆